CEO Laurie Bassi is a frequent speaker on topics related to human capital measurement, links between people and profits, and the importance of an organization’s work and learning environment. Above you can view a collection of video clips from various presentations Laurie has made.

Watch Laurie’s interview with i4cp on measuring the impact of people on business results.

Listen to Laurie’s interview with the Australian Society for Training and Development on the subject of human capital measures.

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Presentations Available For Download

Three of Laurie Bassi’s recent presentations are available for free download:

  1. HR Analytics: Why, What, and How

    An introduction to HR Analytics, including practical steps on what to do and what to avoid doing.

  2. The 2012 Good Company Index

  3. Using Human Capital Analytics to Create Competitive Advantage


Laurie Bassi (speaker video)
A 3-minute collection of video clips from various speeches, appearances, and presentations by McBassi CEO Laurie Bassi.

Good Company Animation
A fun animated presentation of Good Company a groundbreaking new book by Laurie Bassi, Ed Frauenheim, and Dan McMurrer, with Larry Costello. In order for companies today to survive and thrive, they must consistently demonstrate good behavior as employers, sellers, and stewards (of their communities and the environment).

HR Analytics Summit
In the Netherlands, Laurie Bassi discusses HR analytics and how to achieve sustainable competitive advantages using HR management strategies.

Debunking the Top Three Engagement Myths
Laurie Bassi speaks with Human Capital Media about the top three engagement myths and what Chief Learning Officers actually need to do to create value in this arena.


Five (Re)Evolutionary Ideas for HR Professionals
Hard-nosed economic evidence shows that superior human capital management is an increasingly essential organizational core competence. And yet HR departments continue to struggle for influence and resources. In this webcast, Laurie Bassi shares five ideas – “shifts in mindsets” – that will change this reality.

The Economist’s Approach to Human Capital Metrics and Why HR is Getting it Wrong
HR Today speaks with Laurie Bassi, noted economist who has created internationally recognized standards of metrics for organizational performance. An expert on the “decision-science” of human capital management, Laurie talks with us about Human Capital Analytics and HR metrics.

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