McBassi now offers one-on-one analytics coaching from international analytics expert Dr. Laurie Bassi.

Dr. Bassi is available for coaching on the principles and how-to’s of HR analytics – she’ll take you through the process of learning how to implement an analytics perspective in your own work, with detailed guidance and advice on your own specific projects or opportunities.

Every day, it seems there’s another new article in publications like the Wall Street Journal or Fortune about the growing importance of number crunching, big data, and analytics.  It can be exciting as well as a bit intimidating.

And nowhere is the potential impact bigger than on the people side of the business.  Leading-edge HR practitioners are already using analytics to convert previously-underused sources of information (like that annual employee engagement survey!) into actionable intelligence – making it possible to identify the specific people-related factors that are most important in driving business results.

Even if you’re not yet at that stage, you’ll be there shortly after working with Dr. Bassi as your coach to develop your own analytics framework.

As your expertise, value, and influence in your organization increase, you’ll have new insight into the workforce and new concrete findings that you can use to help guide your organization in its HR decision-making.

Contact us today for a free analytics coaching consultation with Dr. Bassi.