The McBassi People Index® (MPI) is an intensively-researched employee survey designed to create actionable business intelligence by measuring a variety of people-related factors throughout an organization and using the information to rigorously identify the human drivers of business results.  It incorporates all key McBassi survey/analytics principles.

The MPI consists of an array of specific people management items, each of which has been found to be a strong predictor of key organizational outcomes (both financial and non-financial).  Each item corresponds to be separate question in the employee survey.

This makes it possible for clients to leverage the underlying power of what resembles a traditional employee engagement survey, first by using the survey to tap the wisdom of the organization’s workforce, and second through the application of McBassi analytics to identify the specific factors driving their unique business results.

While the MPI takes the standard form of an employee survey, it actually goes far beyond, measuring not just engagement, but also a variety of factors that are typically omitted from such surveys: processes, hiring practices, informal learning, etc.  Its content and structure are designed to ensure the results can be used in the analytics and reporting processes that generate the greatest value for an organization.

The survey consists of approximately 60 questions and is usually administered online in a manner designed to guarantee respondents’ confidentiality.  MPI content is designed to measure and quantify employees’ views on an organization’s work, leadership, and learning environments (as well as “outcomes” such as employee commitment, intent to stay, and support for customer service).  Each of these three environments is further broken into subcategories, as indicated in the graphic below.



After the close of an MPI survey, results are then compiled and analyzed by McBassi to determine organizational strengths and weaknesses, broken down by various subunits (business units, departments, locations, manager groups, etc.), and to identify which of the specific factors are driving key outcomes (those measured within the survey as well as external measures such as financial results or turnover, when desired by the client).  All MPI results are presented to clients using McBassi’s carefully-designed reports, clear, graphical, and easy-to-understand.