Should Companies Disclose More Human Capital Information?


CFO Magazine recently hosted an online/print discussion on the long-running debate over whether companies should expand their human capital disclosure.  They invited McBassi CEO Laurie Bassi to participate as one of four debaters.

It will come as little surprise to our loyal readers that Laurie weighed in on the side of more disclosure, arguing that it’s crazy to report a company’s most important assets as nothing more than costs:

“Yes, companies surely should disclose more information about their human capital.

“Looking at the issue from the perspective of major stakeholders – including companies, shareholders, employees, and society as a whole – increased disclosure on human capital is unambiguously a good thing.  It’s a bad thing only for companies that do a lousy job on the ‘people side’ of their business, and human resources executives who would prefer to avoid accountability for human capital performance.”

Read the full article here.

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