Laurie Bassi

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An organization’s performance is driven almost exclusively by its people. And although many people talk about using people (or HR or HC) analytics to achieve better business results, few organizations successfully harness their data.

This is what I love. This is what we excel at here at McBassi.

As a labor economist by day, and a crime-fighting superhero by night, I have a deep and abiding passion in work, its impact on individuals, employers, shareholders, and society. It’s what I think about before I fall asleep and it’s what I work on when I get up in the morning. My life’s aim is to improve the state of human capital management, helping organizations to find win-win relationships with their employees. I work with clients ranging from start-ups to Fortune 100s, helping them unleash human capability within their organizations.

My professional goal is to create better measurement systems that help organizations create sustainable, profitable, and enlightened management of their people. You don’t need a troop of in-house statisticians. You need McBassi. We’d love to have a conversation with you.

As an HR analytics expert and thought leader, I have engaged audiences on every continent except Antarctica. As a still-recovering academic, I’m a prolific author, with over 90 published papers and books. My most recent books include the HR Analytics Handbook and Good Company: Business Success in the Worthiness Era, the winner of the Nautilus Gold Award for the best business/leadership book of the year, Choice Magazine’s Outstanding Academic Title Award, and selected as one of the year’s top business books by Soundview.

I have a Ph.D. in economics from Princeton University, an M.S. in industrial relations from Cornell University, and a B.S. in mathematics from Illinois State University.

Fluent in multiple languages: CEO and CFO speak, statistics, analytics, economics, diplomacy, and inter-office politics.

Specialties: People (or HR or HC) analytics, applied statistics, measurement and evaluation.

Click here for a 3-minute speaker’s video featuring clips from a few of Laurie’s speeches, presentations, and other appearances.