Benchmarking, surveys, and research for associations

Looking for objective, world-class external research, surveys, benchmarking, or data analysis to create better understanding of key issues that affect your members or industry?

That’s what we do at McBassi. We’re a people analytics firm. We offer a wide variety of customized research and survey services for associations. As independent external experts, our insights carry significant weight and have multiple benefits and applications.

Benchmarking & Analytics

We’ve conducted countless customized analyses for associations, applying methods that include benchmarking, original research, and/or targeted data analysis.

Our approach is always determined by how best to address specific questions for which our clients need clear, concrete answers.

In benchmarking, for example, we have a variety of cost-effective options available. You can offer online benchmarking to association members, organizations, or vendors, enabling them to see anonymously how they stack up against others on selected key financial or non-financial metrics. Industry benchmarking is extremely popular among association members.

Other topics we’ve examined include calculating industry footprints and trends, identifying drivers of business growth, and determining what’s causing increased employee turnover.  Check out, for example, a series of industry research papers we’ve conducted in recent years on the Professional Employer Organization (PEO) industry.


As people analytics experts, we’ve been conducting “smarter” surveys for almost 20 years. Offering a well-designed and thoughtfully-analyzed survey can be an extraordinarily effective way to create new insights by systematically tapping into the wisdom of your members – or for your members to tap the wisdom of their employees.

We’ve managed survey design, administration, and survey data analysis for a broad range of clients. We do it all – or can do any specific piece as well. Any survey can be administered online or in paper-based format.

Working with McBassi

We provide enthusiastic, flexible, innovative, and collaborative service to all our clients.

Each client has full access to the two McBassi principals, CEO Laurie Bassi, Ph.D., and Chief Analyst Dan McMurrer. We made the decision many years ago to stay small, and we’re proud of what that means for the service we offer to every single client.

We believe in doing things the right way – and we love the work we do. We’d very much welcome the opportunity to learn more about your association and explore ways we might work together.

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What can McBassi do for your business?