Articles & Books


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HR Certified: Voluntary Standardized Human Capital Reporting, Workforce, January/February 2019.

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Four Lessons Learned in How to Use Human Resource Analytics to Improve the Effectiveness of Leadership DevelopmentJournal of Leadership Studies, summer 2016.

What’s the Business Impact of Learning?CTDO Magazine, March 2016.


Human Capital Disclosure is ‘Unambiguously a Good Thing’CFO Magazine,  March 2016.

Advancing the HR Profession: Consistent Standards in Reporting Sustainable Human Capital Outcomes, People + Strategy, fall 2015.

An Economic Analysis: The PEO Industry FootprintNAPEO White Paper Series, September 2015.

Professional Employer Organizations: Keeping Turnover Low and Survival HighNAPEO White Paper Series, September 2014.


Where Does Human Capital Fit in the Sustainability Agenda? Cornerstone Journal of Sustainable Finance and Banking, May 2014.

Professional Employer Organizations: Fueling Small Business GrowthNAPEO White Paper Series, September 2013.

How to Create More Value From Employee Surveys, Talent Management, September 2012.

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Laboring to stay ahead: Better behavior leading to success for businesses, San Diego Union Tribune, August 2012.

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Quick HC Analytics Poll Results, October 2010.

Human Capital Management Predicts Stock Prices, June 2010.


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