Workshops, Talks, and Keynotes

A down-to-earth speaking style, compelling content, and convincing message

As leading experts in assessing work and learning environments and identifying their links with financial outcomes, McBassi principals love sharing what we know with executives and other professionals.

CEO Laurie Bassi is frequently a featured speaker at conferences and workshops, and has won rave reviews for her down-to-earth speaking style, compelling content, and convincing message.

Listen to Laurie’s interview with the Australian Society for Training and Development on the subject of human capital measures.


Laurie has spoken to hundreds of conferences and groups on issues related to measuring and valuing organizations’ work and learning environments. Among Laurie’s presentations are the following topics:

  1. Ten Things Every CFO Needs To Know about Human Capital Investments
  2. The Five Indicators HR Professionals need for Maximizing Return on People
  3. How to Benchmark the Effectiveness of Your Investments in People
  4. How to Measure your Knowledge Assets
  5. How to Get Learning & Development on the CEO’s Dashboard
  6. How to Link Your Investments in People to Business Results
  7. Beyond ROI: 5 Human Capital Measures that Predict Business Results
  8. Beyond the Balanced Scorecard: How to Find The “People Measures” that Matter
  9. Making Work “Work”: The Economics of Resilient Organizations


All topics can be formatted to fit into various time slots, from short 20-30 minute presentations to longer half-day workshops.

Fee Policy

Laurie’s speaking fee ranges from $5,000 to $20,000, depending on audience size and level, presentation format and length, and travel time required. Travel expenses are billed at cost.


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