When you know that your company needs to make a fundamental change – but aren’t sure where to begin – we can help.

For example, does your organization struggle with any of the following issues?

  • A culture resistant to change that simply perpetuates the status quo
  • Deficiencies in managerial capability
  • No solid fact base for linking “human capital strategy” to business results
  • An unhealthy focus on short-run results that puts the company’s long-term future at risk
  • You’re “run by the numbers” –  but it’s the wrong set of numbers
  • Your leaders are so busy dealing with the urgent “issue-of-the-day” that they don’t pay attention to much more important issues

At McBassi our greatest expertise is tackling these problems by transforming the “soft” people stuff into the hard-nosed language of business.  How?

  • Quantifying that which was heretofore intangible
  • Using analytics to link intangibles (human capital, culture, leadership) to tangibles (revenues, profits, growth, turnover)
  • Identifying with precision and rigor the human drivers and impediments to how value is created
  • Presenting our analysis in simple and compelling ways that provides a clear roadmap forward, while simultaneously exposing the risks of inaction

In short, we create, and then deliver, a powerful catalyst for change.

We know that one-size-fits-all solutions don’t fit anyone well.  And so we will listen carefully to your needs and then craft a custom solution to address them.  We have at our disposal a wide range of tools and insights in areas that include behavioral economics, statistical analysis, employee surveys, ROI, organizational dynamics, program evaluation, and much more.  In addition to our comprehensive services in surveys and analytics, for example, we offer services that include the following:

  • Customized workshops
  • Analytics coaching for executives
  • Measurement strategy planning processes
  • Human capital reporting strategies
  • Audits of HR-related legal & financial risks

We’ve had great success in helping many clients solve knotty, complex issues by providing them with actionable, fact-based, prioritized insights for improving a wide range of big (and sometimes smaller) problems through targeted changes in areas such as the following:

  • Hiring practices and processes
  • Training programs
  • Leadership & managerial development
  • Performance management system
  • Compensation and bonus systems
  • Culture

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