Not Just Another Employee Engagement Survey

Ready to move beyond the one-size-fits-all generic employee engagement survey, with results that just sit on the shelf and have no impact?

McBassi views employee surveys as a means to an end, not as an end in themselves.  Our core employee survey is intensively-researched, easy-to-implement, and designed to allow you to answer the question: “How do we improve our business results?” (in addition to the more traditional question: “How do we improve employee engagement?”).

Our survey – the People Index® – incorporates the following characteristics:

  • Survey measures that include, but go beyond, traditional drivers and summary measures of engagement
  • Designed to be used in conjunction with analytics following the completion of the survey
  • Multiple “outcome” measures are included within the survey itself
  • Consistent scoring scale throughout survey ensures simple, quick responses from employees
  • Highly customizable to meet specific needs and circumstances of each client
  • Reporting of results is specifically designed to be clear, visual, and easy-to-understand, with actionable insights are highlighted and explained in clear language

The People Index focuses on three main areas: an organization’s work, learning, and leadership environments.  It includes questions in a variety of areas (including processes, hiring practices, and informal learning) that typically receive too little attention in most engagement surveys. We’ve worked hard to ensure the survey process is as straightforward and painless as possible from the perspective of our clients. The process for a typical McBassi survey client would include the following steps:

  1. McBassi deploys the employee survey, modified as necessary for your organization.
  2. We use analytics to statistically link survey results to your organization’s key outcomes (these can be captured through the survey and/or through data provided directly by your organization), such as employee engagement, client focus, turnover, and financial outcomes.
  3. Our statistical analysis identifies the people practices and processes that are the most important drivers of your business outcomes.
  4. We take the analysis results and produce fact-based, prioritized recommendations on how you can improve those outcomes through more effective management and development of people.
  5. We deliver carefully-designed, easy-to-understand reports that focus on key results and actionable items.  (No more “data dumps”!)
  6. We present the results, in person whenever possible, to your executives and your survey team.

The result?  You know your strengths and weaknesses and can identify – and target for improvement – the people-related factors that are the unique drivers of your business results. Click for more information about the People Index.

Pricing.  While we think the MPI is the best survey out there, its transparent pricing is extremely competitive, with no hidden fees.  Our fixed-price small business survey package is available to any businesses with 200 or fewer employees, and larger businesses can quickly receive a price quote for their organization.

Sample report.  We’d also be happy to send along a sample report to any prospective clients so you can get a better sense of how we present survey results.  If you’d like to receive a sample report, just let us know.

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