Smarter Employee Surveys

For small businesses

Are you a small business looking for a competitively priced, but BETTER, employee survey? You’ve come to the right place.

McBassi’s small business survey package provides a leading edge, “analytics enhanced” survey at a competitive price for organizations with up to 200 employees.

Are you are a larger organization? We’ll cheerfully provide you with a highly-competitive price estimate for your own survey within 1 or 2 business days. Just click here to request a quote.

What You’ll Get: A Quick Overview

Our small business survey package includes everything you need:

  • All elements of setup and online survey administration
  • Written report and recommendations (including data tables)
  • Conference call briefing with your executives

McBassi principals will work closely with you the whole way – and we make sure we do all the heavy lifting.

Bottom Line: What It Costs

The base price is $12,000 for organizations with up to 200 employees. No hidden fees! This typically includes everything a small business needs. (If you are a larger organization, just contact us for a price quote).

If you do desire extra services, specifics are described in the last section below.  Questions? Just let us know!


  1. Survey setup and administration
  2. Report
  3. Executive briefing
  4. Want additional services?

Survey setup and administration

The whole survey process itself can be boiled down into a few points:

  • First, we work with you to customize our standard survey content and schedule the survey.
  • Typically, we then send survey invitations and reminders to your employees by email. (We keep you posted with regular response updates.)
  • We administer the survey online.
  • We collect, sort, and analyze the data.


You’ll receive a clearly-written, well-organized, “analytics enhanced” enterprise-level report that focuses on key results and discusses customized recommendations for driving better business results in your organization.

The report includes the following:

  • Executive summary discussing all key results
    • Tables with enterprise-level scores (these include overall summary scores, “factor” category scores, and individual question item scores).
    • Additional tables containing scores broken down by categories such as department, job tenure, job classification, division, and/or location
    • Strengths and weaknesses across major organizational subunits
    • Explanation of statistical analysis of the unique drivers of employee engagement and additional business outcomes (customized for your organization)
    • Customized, fact-based, “directional” recommendations on how to improve your key outcomes through targeted, focused human capital management strategy

Executive briefing

Following the electronic delivery of your report, we’ll have follow-up calls with your survey project manager (as needed), followed by a conference call briefing on the results for your senior executives. We’re always careful to tailor the presentation specifically to be appropriate for an executive audience.

Want additional services?

If you need additional services in addition to the base package offered above, the following options are available:

Customization of survey

  • The first two hours of McBassi consultation on survey content (which questions to keep from your past survey, which MPI questions to include, customized questions) is included in the base price
  • After the first two hours, the cost is $250 per additional hour for McBassi principals for consultation on survey content

Open-ended questions

  • $1,000 for inclusion of open-ended questions in the survey, including the provision of a separate spreadsheet with verbatim responses

Data reports/breakdowns

  • $1,000 for up to 20 separate data report documents that contain scores for a single organizational subgroup (e.g., division level, department level, manager level), along with scores for organization overall
  • $100 per report for each report beyond the 20 above (as long as they are included in the initial report run)

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