New thinking about pro bono work


Engaging in pro bono work is a good way to help companies establish a track record and expand their portfolios of satisfied clients.  An article in Inc. Magazine explores other benefits as well (including keeping employees sharp and motivated) and offers a few tips to companies interested in starting such programs.

E-learning instead of slashing budgets


Employee training budgets are traditionally one of the first casualties of a depressed economy.  Slashing employee training, while providing a certain amount of immediate financial relief, can have negative long-term consequences.  A recent Training Magazine article explores ways that companies can effectively shift to e-learning, enabling them to reduce costs without sacrificing human capital development.

Coping creatively with the economic downturn


Fortune recently highlighted seven companies that have instituted creative ways of helping their employees deal with the financial hardships that have been brought on by the current economic downturn, including shaving salaries to save jobs at Shared Technologies and seeking employee input on cost-cutting options at Mayo Clinic.