Tools for tapping the wisdom of the workforce


Under increasing pressure to innovate – without adding more to the research budget – companies are systematically attempting to tap into the insights and good ideas of employees. 

An array of software products is now available to help firms solicit, gather, sort, sift and synthesize their employees’ ideas for saving money, improving customer satisfaction, and growing revenues.   

But unless a company has already earned the goodwill of its employees, these new efforts (which we heartily endorse) are unlikely to ever reach their full potential.  The wisdom of the workforce is a gift that will be given only to employers who are worthy of it.

What employees want at work


Susan Heathfield’s blog has a nice list of five factors that she’s found employees look for in their work: respect, access to information, development opportunities, involvement in decision-making, and good leadership.

(Our analytic work with clients through the McBassi People Index® has confirmed the importance of each of those factors in multiple organizations.) 

Two other factors that our analysis often finds particularly important in driving employee commitment?  Jobs that make good use of an employee’s skills and talents, and being part of an organization that encourages and enables teamwork.

The most important employee factors – in shaping employee commitment as well as key business outcomes – vary significantly across different organizations, of course.  So it’s always smart to analyze the unique drivers of employee and business outcomes for your specific organization.