Welcome to the McBassi blog!


We’re thrilled to introduce you to our new blog.  It will make it possible for the McBassi team to share ideas and content with you in a more timely, interactive, and informal manner.  You’ll see multiple blog updates in a typical week.

We expect it to contain a wide variety of information that (we hope) will be of interest to our readers.  Subjects may range from our thoughts on the latest corporate news to the introduction of a new McBassi white paper; from regular updates on our book project to interesting tidbits we’ve run across and thought we’d share.

Above all else, we’re hoping that we’ll be able to generate some insightful, spirited back-and-forth exchanges with (and among) our readers.  We strongly encourage you to use the Comments feature of the blog whenever you have a thought to add to one of our posts or to an on-going discussion.  Learning is at the core of what we do at McBassi, and we’re hoping this will serve as a vehicle that enables all of us – within and outside McBassi – to learn from one another in a fun, free-flowing environment.

Again, welcome!