Do you have ineffective HR metrics?


John Sullivan, former chief talent officer at Agilent, posted a superb list of the 25 “most damaging metric errors” that can cause your HR metrics to be ineffective or disappointing.

Among the entries on his list that we see most frequently in working with other organizations are the following:

  • Not tied to business goals (or revenue impact)
  • Not designed for decision-making
  • Follow-the-leader errors (“over-benchmarking,” or relying too heavily on external benchmarks rather than what’s most important for your business)

Metrics versus analytics


Thought-provoking┬álist – originally from Luk Smeyers of iNostix – on some ideas on the differences between HR metrics and HR analytics:

Guide to people metrics


Looking for a user-friendly, insightful guide to possible people metrics for your business?

The government of Victoria (Australia) has come out with two new (free) documents that should be enormously helpful to many in the human capital field: A Guide to People Metrics and its companion, A Dictionary of People Metrics.

Both are well-worth checking out.

(Thanks to Les Pickett for calling those to our attention!)