Improved Performance Through People Management

McBassi & Company was founded in 2001 (click here for more details on our story).  We have a unique approach that uses data (including employee surveys) and a quantitative, data-driven perspective to help companies improve business results through people management.

We work with senior executives to move beyond intuition by rigorously and precisely identifying the human drivers of results. We help HR to develop a strategic human resources focus.  Organizations that partner with us know exactly where to spend their time and resources – and where to stop wasting money.

The Right Measures

We have proprietary tools, including our “smarter employee survey,” that allow us to go far beyond traditional employee engagement factors in identifying key people-related levers that an organization can target to improve the bottom line.

The Right Analytics

We lead the industry in measuring the most critical human capital drivers to success. The McBassi People Index® uses powerful analytics to produce actionable insight into the unique people drivers of your business results. Quite simply, this is the business intelligence you need to achieve a sustainable advantage.

The Right Action Plan

Our clients enjoy increased sales, higher retention rates and improved safety through highly focused refinements to their workforce strategy.  We’ve learned from experience that creating laser-like precision for people management initiatives leads to world-class performance and an enhanced bottom line.

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McBassi’s Purpose

Enabling clients to create consistently profitable and enlightened workplaces

McBassi’s Mission

Using the language and tools of business – metrics and analysis – to build successful organizations by optimizing the power of their people

McBassi’s Vision

A world in which companies are forces for good – worthy of their employees’ best efforts, customers’ continued business, and investors’ ongoing support