Benchmarking Employee Engagement for Members

Offer your members industry-specific benchmarking on their employee engagement – at no cost to your association!

Now more than ever, businesses are anxious to know how to navigate through unprecedented economic challenges. As part of this, managing the “people side” of their business has never been more difficult – or more important.

How to Offer Your Members Employee Engagement Benchmarking

We’ve experienced a significant increase in the number of businesses seeking industry-specific information and comparisons. Small businesses especially are asking how they’re doing and how they compare to others in their industry. They’re eager to know what they can learn from others that would help better manage the significant challenges they face as employers.

Many associations are in a unique position to facilitate making this industry-specific information available to their members. We at McBassi can provide industry-based employee engagement benchmarks at no cost to the association.

How? The core of our offer is our top-notch employee engagement survey for small businesses, available to employers with up to 100 employees for only $995.

If 10 or more association members enroll, we’ll be able to calculate benchmarks for those members. We’ll tell them how their scores, overall and separately for each employee survey question, compare to others in their industry (anonymously, of course). We’ll also provide the association with a free report that shows how companies in that specific industry compare to small businesses on average. The report can be shared broadly with the association’s members.

Interested in exploring how to offer this service to your members at no cost to you? Contact us today and let’s get started!