Improved Results

Use our insights to move beyond intuition

Founded in 2001, McBassi & Company works with employers, associations, and organizations on surveys, analytics, and customized research.

For employers, we have a unique, data-driven approach to improve business results through people management. With precision and rigor, we use people analytics to identify the specific factors in your employees’ work environment that are driving (or impeding) your organization’s ability to achieve its desired business goals.  Because of the importance of these factors in shaping organizational performance, this helps you know exactly where and how to spend your time and resources.  Further, you’ll know where to stop wasting money.

For associations, we conduct benchmarking studies and other customized objective analyses on key questions of interest to members or specific industries as a whole.  McBassi is a highly-respected external research firm.  As a result, our insights carry significant weight and have multiple benefits and applications.

Partner with us and you’ll gain valuable new insights in areas of key significance to your organization.

The Right Measures

We have proprietary tools for employers, including our “smarter employee survey,” that allow us to go far beyond traditional employee engagement factors in identifying key people-related levers that an organization can target to improve the bottom line.

The Right Analytics

We know how to convert data (sometimes lots of data!) into insight.  As a result, we identify the most critical drivers to your organization’s success. For example, the McBassi People Index® uses powerful analytics to produce actionable insight into the unique people drivers of your business results.

The Right Action Plan

Our insights yield increased revenues, higher retention rates, and/or improved safety for our employer and association clients. Further, our laser-like precision in translating analytics results into recommended actions leads to an enhanced bottom line.


We enable clients to create consistently profitable and enlightened workplaces.


By using the language and tools of business – metrics and analysis – we build successful organizations by optimizing the power of their people.


We want to create a world where companies are forces for good – worthy of employee best efforts, customer business, and investor support.


What can McBassi do for your business?