Survey Services

Maximizing your employee survey insights

McBassi’s survey experts offer a variety of creative ways to assist in ensuring you get the most out of your employee engagement survey.

Our services are available regardless of how your survey was designed and administered. You might have done it through SurveyMonkey or in conjunction with McBassi or any other option. However it was administered, we’ll work to ensure your survey generates the insights your organization is seeking, and will do so at a cost-effective price.

We have the following survey services available with satisfaction guaranteed:

  • Survey design
  • Survey “quick review”
  • Survey analysis

Survey design

McBassi’s experts will work with you to design an employee survey that meets all the following standards:

  • Clear questions and response options
  • Not too long
  • Addresses all desired aspects of an employee’s work environment and engagement level
  • Captures any areas of particular interest or concern
  • Results can be analyzed to provide insights in the areas you’re seeking

We deploy an efficient step-by-step survey design process, honed over many years. Depending on how quickly your team wants to move, we can design a survey with you in a matter of just a few days.

Survey “quick review”

Ready to launch your survey yourself – but want a final expert review before going live to make sure there are no surprise “gotchas”? McBassi’s experts will review your existing survey and provide a full list of feedback and suggestions within two work days.

Survey analysis

Finished your survey but looking for expert advice on how to analyze and use the results? McBassi will take your raw survey data file and provide a report that includes the following:

  • Overall impressions of results and findings, based on almost two decades of experience
  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • Drivers of engagement (and/or other key outcomes)
  • Recommendations on top areas of opportunity (hint: they’re not always the lowest-scoring items!)

What can McBassi do for your business?