McBassi People Index

A Smarter Employee Survey

The McBassi People Index (MPI) is an employee survey that measures traditional elements of employee engagement – and more. It includes important areas that often receive little attention in most engagement surveys, including processes, hiring practices, and informal learning.

Based on decades of McBassi research, our survey focuses on people-related factors in your work, learning, and leadership environments. Each survey item represents a potential key driver of business outcomes for your organization. These outcomes can include financial results, employee retention, innovation, customer service, safety, and more.

By incorporating all key McBassi survey/analytics principles, our analysis of your survey results produces rigorous, fact-based insights about the human drivers of your business results.

A Smarter Employee Survey

The survey taps into the wisdom of your organization’s workforce. Although it has the “look and feel” of a traditional employee survey, it is much more valuable than that. We combine the MPI survey with McBassi analytic know-how to identify unique factors driving each organization’s business results.

Beyond Employee Engagement

While the MPI takes the form of an employee survey, it actually goes far above, measuring not just engagement, but a variety of factors often omitted from such surveys. The survey’s content and structure are designed to ensure results can be used in the analytics and reporting processes in order to generate the greatest value for your organization.

In short, the MPI survey takes you far beyond what you would typically learn through a traditional employee engagement survey or static benchmarking.

The survey measures and quantifies employees’ views on your organization’s work, leadership, and learning environments (as well as employees’ assessments of outcomes such as commitment, intent to stay, and support for customer service). It uses a consistent scoring scale to ensure that employees can respond efficiently and quickly (it typically takes 5 to 7 minutes for an employee to respond).

Venn Diagram featuring 3 overlapping circles for Work, Learning, and Leadership environments. Work includes accountability, commitment to employees, conditions, hiring practices, job design, and processes. Leadership includes behaviors and communications. Learning include formal as well as informal or social.

Employee Survey Process

The McBassi employee survey consists of approximately 35 to 55 questions, which are entirely customizable for each organization to ensure the survey meets your specific needs and circumstances.

We keep the survey process simple. We administer the survey online and guarantee respondent confidentiality. We compile the data, analyze it, write the report and recommendations, and deliver the results back to you quickly.

Each report includes the following:

Organizational strengths and weaknesses (often broken down by various subunits such as business units, departments, locations, manager groups, etc.)

Which specific factors drive key outcomes (many outcomes are measured directly within the survey, but we can also incorporate external measures such as financial results or past turnover, when desired by the client)

Your report will be clearly written and carefully designed. It includes graphics and recommendations that focus on what’s most important. We deliver business intelligence and actionable insights – not data dumps!

Are You a Small Business?

We also offer a small-business version of our survey with all the great insights at a small-business price.