Take the guesswork out of the people side of business

Do you want focused information that improves decision-making and business results? Then try McBassi’s human capital analytics (HCA) approach. Our work produces usable insights instead of data dumps.

Everyone’s talking about human capital/HR/talent/people analytics these days. With McBassi as your HCA experts, your organization benefits from all the insights possible in today’s “big data” world without breaking your budget or keeping an in-house team of statisticians.

Our Approach to Analytics

We carefully combine data you provide, often from multiple sources within your organization, with a variety of HCA techniques to analyze and understand the relationships within the data.

Our data approach sheds light on which people factors most strongly influence results. These systematic, deep, and creative analyses deploy all the methods and understanding we’ve developed since our founding in 2001.

Of course, even the most compelling results will have little impact if only data people can read them. We present findings and recommendations in a clear visual format, with key information explained and highlighted throughout the report.

Our survey work

For clients who want survey analytics, McBassi also offers an employee survey that can link specifics from its results to your key performance indicators. While traditional surveys typically don’t fit this purpose, if you already have data from an employee survey, we may be able to conduct customized work using that data.

You can also download a PDF description of our HCA approach.


McBassi provides coaching in analytics and/or HR strategy development for individuals or teams. All coaching is led by internationally-recognized expert Dr. Laurie Bassi.

Our services are designed to be flexible and can be based on pre-defined coaching paths or the plan can be fully customized. Either way, our coaching will be shaped to precisely meet your current needs, budget, and preferences.

Many organizations have found our initial 4-week offering serves as an easy, constructive way to begin working with McBassi to address your real-world challenges.