Our People

Leaders in HR analytics


Laurie Bassi

The CEO of McBassi & Company, Dr. Laurie Bassi is an internationally-renowned HR analytics expert. In 2001, she founded McBassi, a leader in using behavioral economics to improve organizational performance.

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Chief Analyst

Dan McMurrer

An HR analytics expert, Dan McMurrer is the Chief Analyst and a co-founder of McBassi & Company. Dan oversees much of McBassi’s day-to-day project management, as well as its on-going research initiatives.

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Chief Strategy Officer

Herbert Rubenstein

Herbert Rubenstein is the Chief Strategy Officer and Legal Counsel at McBassi & Company, where he is responsible for all aspects of business development, strategic planning, and contracts.  He also works with clients as an HR strategy consultant.

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Chief Technology Officer

Tony DeLollis

Tony DeLollis is a highly experienced systems architect and product leader with almost 20 years of computing and business experience. His main responsibilities include ensuring the security of McBassi’s operating processes and practices.

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Project Manager

Lucy Loewen

Lucy Loewen is a Project Manager at McBassi & Company. In addition to corporate research, outreach, and survey data categorization, she maintains McBassi’s social media presence.

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While in dog years he’s our oldest employee, Flash is the newest addition to the McBassi & Company team.

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