Labor Union Research Services

World-class, external research on key issues that affect your members

Looking for objective, world-class, external research targeted at better understanding or documenting key issues that affect your members?

That’s what we do at McBassi & Company. We’re a people analytics firm. We offer a wide variety of customized research and survey services for labor unions and associations. As independent external experts, our insights carry significant weight and have multiple benefits and applications.

Analytics & Economic Research

We’ve conducted countless customized analyses for unions and associations, applying methods that include both original research and/or exhaustive analysis of publicly-available data files (BLS, Census, etc.)

Our analytic design for labor union research is always determined by how best to address specific questions for which you’re seeking new insights, information, and clear answers.

Topics we’ve examined in the past include comparative wages and wage competitiveness; wage discrimination; industry footprints/trends; and employee- and business-related drivers of organizational outcomes such as employee turnover, growth, and survival rates.


McBassi has conducted surveys for almost 20 years. As people analytics experts, we build our surveys to be “smarter” – well-designed, thoughtfully-analyzed, and specifically designed to be broad in scope and ready to yield insights in areas of particular interest to a client. Surveys are often under-rated and under-used; they represent an important tool for understanding the issues facing your members and their specific concerns.

We can do surveys “soup to nuts” or offer guidance and support on specific components of the survey process including the design, administration, and/or analysis of the survey. We recommend administering surveys online when that’s feasible, but also can run traditional paper-based surveys.

Working With McBassi

Wondering what it’s like to work with McBassi on your labor union research needs? We love working with organizations playing such an important role in society and the economy. We’re always enthusiastic and creative, and pride ourselves on our flexibility and our ability to work in true partnership with our clients. We seek to have as much “heavy lifting” as possible fall onto our shoulders so any analytics, research, or surveys are as easy and smooth as possible from the perspective of the client.

You’ll have complete access to our two principals – CEO Laurie Bassi, Ph.D., and Chief Analyst Dan McMurrer. We’ve consciously chosen to remain a small, nimble consulting organization, and are proud of what that means for the personal service we can provide to all of our clients.

We believe in doing things the right way. We even wrote a book about this entitled Good Company.

We’d be happy to learn more about your labor union and to jointly explore ways we might be able to work together to create important insights for your organization in the future.

Labor Union Services

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