HR Analytics Handbook

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Written for HR professionals by McBassi CEO Laurie Bassi and coauthors, the HR Analytics Handbook collects in one place vital, practical information on HR analytics.

It explains what HR analytics is (and what it’s not), why it is of such growing importance today, and provides a guide for how to get started thinking analytically in your organization.

The HR Analytics Handbook reviews worldwide publications and research from the last five years, summarizing key conclusions and evidence on the effects of applying HR analytics, including findings of what elements are most important in driving key business outcomes.


HR Analytics Handbook: Table of Contents

  1. What is HR Analytics, why now, and how is it used?
  2. How to get started, needed skills, and common pitfalls to avoid
  3. A summary of recent empirical findings
  4. Examples of organizations using HR Analytics
  5. Conclusions
  6. Endnotes and Appendices


“Does a masterful job of concisely presenting the state of knowledge in the human capital analytics field. Even an accomplished practitioner will find value in this short read.” —HR.com review, by Frank DiBernardino, Vienna Human Capital Advisors

“Arrives at the right time and with the right focus. It is targeted at the reader who recognizes that something major is afoot in the practice of HR and wants to get up to speed on the topic. Bassi provides a clear, concise, and practical briefing on the state of knowledge in the world of human capital analytics. Readers will be well rewarded for their investment of time in studying the handbook.” —Nelson Touch Blog review, Amit Mohindra

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