HC Reporting Standards

Implementing the new ISO guideline for human capital reporting

McBassi is available to provide expert guidance and consulting to organizations on the new ISO (International Organization for Standardization) human capital reporting standard (ISO 30414: Human Resource Management: Guidelines for internal and external human capital reporting).

McBassi CEO Laurie Bassi has been one of the leaders in the movement toward human capital reporting standards from the beginning, serving as the Workgroup Leader of the SHRM/ANSI Workgroup on HC Reporting for Investors (the precursor to the current ISO standard).  She is an expert on human capital and HR reporting standards, implementation, and implications.

Understanding the New Human Capital Reporting Standard

The ISO HC reporting standard is applicable to all organizations, regardless of size, industry, or for-profit status.  It includes guidance on reporting in the following areas:

  • Compliance and ethics
  • Workforce costs
  • Workforce diversity
  • Leadership
  • Organizational health, safety, and well-being
  • Productivity
  • Recruitment, turnover, and mobility
  • Skills and capabilities
  • Workforce availability

Additional information on the human capital reporting standard itself is available in our article in Workforce magazine and in a press release from the ISO.

Our Perspective

The good news is that there’s absolutely something for everyone in the new ISO HC reporting standard.  Almost every organization would benefit in some way from the effort, wisdom, and free advice embedded in the standard.

Because it’s so broad, it’s also likely there’s a good portion that may be largely irrelevant for your organization.

Therefore, McBassi recommends that most organizations interested in applying the HC reporting standard begin by identifying what subset of the recommended metrics is most relevant to them.

Fully Customized Services: You Choose Areas for Coaching or Guidance

McBassi’s services can take a variety of forms, depending on the specific needs of your organization.  We offer an introductory 4-hour on-site interactive workshop, as well as ongoing coaching for a set or flexible period of time.

Our services can focus on areas such as the following:

  • Information on the new human capital reporting standard
  • Examining what’s most relevant for your organization – and why
  • Identifying areas where you do (and don’t) have the information needed for accurate human capital reporting
  • Selecting metrics for initial reporting
  • Developing a plan for calculating and reporting metrics to key stakeholders (including your Board of Directors)
  • Building a strategy for reporting on key human capital metrics consistently over time
  • Identifying whether a strategy for expanded reporting would be appropriate (planning to incorporate some additional metrics in the future)

Every organization is different, so every organization needs its own flexible, customized guidance on how best to benefit from the new human capital reporting standard.  That’s where we at McBassi specialize – high-level, collaborative, fully-customized work with each of our clients.

  • Click for details on 4-week coaching

    This includes weekly phone calls with you and/or your team. The first step is to select the area(s) most important to you from the list above. We recommend beginning with understanding the ISO human capital reporting standard, then rigorously exploring its relevance in your organization (including issues related to data availability). In addition to an improved, deeper understanding of ISO standard 30414 and how it relates to your organization, a short PowerPoint document will be delivered at the end of the coaching, summarizing the decisions made throughout the 4 week process.


  • Click for details on coaching for 5 or more weeks

    This includes weekly phone calls with you and/or your team. Like the shorter 4-week coaching offering, this would begin with understanding the ISO standard and exploring its relevance in your organization. The longer amount of time in this offering would also allow us to move more deeply into applying those decisions and developing a fuller strategy for reporting (including both strategy and implementation). Again, a short PowerPoint document will be delivered at the end, summarizing all key decisions, insights, and steps taken.

    $6,000 for first 4 weeks, plus $1,000 per additional week

  • Click for details on interactive workshop

    McBassi will deliver an on-site 4-hour interactive workshop for your team.  This includes both educational content regarding the standard itself as well as a step-by-step collaborative exploration of how your organization might best integrate and use the standard for your reporting purposes.

    $10,000 plus travel expenses


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