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Even small businesses need to know what their people think

Get big-business results for a small-business price!

You know surveys can provide valuable insights for all companies, even if yours has 100 employees or fewer. But what should you ask to find out what employees really think? And how do you get the most from those answers?

You could start from the bottom, using those free surveys flooding the market now. Of course, you’ll have to do almost everything yourself, hope you can keep the process organized, and try to pull useful data from it.

Or you could invest in a premium, fully customized service that does “everything for you at the low, low price of $15,000!” Some companies can toss around that kind of money, but most SMEs would rather have better options.

How about a service created to fit you?

Client feedback

“The survey was incredibly useful. The sign-up process was easy and fast. The tool was very user friendly. We shared the results with our employees and used the results to drive some company-wide improvement initiatives. We would be interested in using this survey again.”

         – Mark A., Vice President of Operations, Bauer, Inc.

“The survey was great … Every employee was able to complete the survey with ease. The results report was easy to read.”

          – Matthew K., President, Gold Medal Waters, Inc.

“Very insightful indeed!”

          – Tara F., Human Resource Specialist, Speedling Incorporated

Benefit from our expertise

We at McBassi have streamlined our intensively researched McBassi People Index® for large corporations into an easy-yet-professional package that small organizations can buy for only $995. This price even includes benchmarking! And there are no hidden costs or other “gotchas.” Seriously.

With our expertise, you’ll avoid common mistakes DIYers make in survey design and methodology. Better still, having a third party to guarantee confidentiality and anonymity assures your employees that you’ll hear their opinions with no bias or prejudice. Because let’s face it — it can be hard to say certain things in even the most open company. This way, they’ll speak freely.

This offer is open to organizations with up to 100 employees. Sometimes it really does pay to be the little guy.

Snapshot of the service

This package includes everything you need:

  • Our simple 34-question survey, available in English and Spanish
  • Complete confidentiality and anonymity
  • Straightforward results delivered within 10 business days of survey close

Package Details


Setup and administration





This version of our standard survey includes our 34 core questions, covering everything from employee engagement to your organization’s work, learning, and leadership environments. We developed this core through years of detailed research across hundreds of clients on the most important drivers for both financial outcomes and employee engagement.

All questions are multiple choice and almost all use the same 5-point scale (“strongly agree” to “strongly disagree”). Best of all, your employees can finish this survey within 5 to 7 minutes. It really is that simple.

Setup and administration

The process follows these steps:

  1. Sign up. Enrollment is quick and easy, and we’ll send you a step-by-step guide along with the custom survey link.
  2. Launch the survey by sending the custom link to your employees. We monitor the responses,* collect the data, and keep you posted with weekly updates for 30 days. After that we analyze the data, create your report, and send it directly to you.
  3. Open the report, study the results, and get ready to improve your business!

*Response minimums: 50 percent of invited respondents (and at least 5 responses for businesses surveying fewer than 10 employees).


You’ll receive your PDF report by email. The report includes the following:

  • Easy-to-read tables with average responses (scores) from your employees, including scores for each question and category, as well as an overall summary score
  • Benchmarking (comparing your data against anonymized data from businesses of similar size) for all scores
  • Personalized recommendations for your business that identify key areas for improvement.


Want to add a detail or two? We can do that. Here are some common options:

  • Customized multiple-choice question sets: $1,000 per set (up to 5 questions per set)
  • Customized open-ended question sets: $1,000 per set (up to 3 questions per set)
  • Score breakdowns by sub-unit*: $1,000 per category
    • Example 1: Scores for five departments: $1,000 total
    • Example 2: Scores for four locations: $1,000 total
  • Survey invitations and reminders handled by McBassi: $1,000
  • Administer the survey twice (6 or more months apart) and save 20% on the total when you buy both now

Note: Open-ended responses are provided verbatim in a spreadsheet supplement to the main report. Breakdowns also come in a supplemental spreadsheet.

Want some other tweaks to your service? Just let us know the specifics and we’ll put together some options and estimates for you.

*For reporting purposes, response minimums apply to each sub-unit.


How can McBassi afford to offer such a detailed service to small businesses for such a low price?

After two decades of working with large clients on a fully customized basis, we realized that we had developed the technology and processes needed to make our services available to smaller clients on a less-customized basis.

As a small business, we’ve always wanted to serve businesses like us, like you, and now we finally can!

Can I see the survey questions and/or a sample report?

You bet. Just send a quick request and we’ll send them right out to you.

So all I have to do to launch the survey is send my employees the link?

That’s all! Now, we recommend that you remind them every now and then. A few well-timed reminders will boost response rates.

Can you explain the “confidentiality and anonymity” part?

Of course. No naming names, but you’ve seen what happens when companies don’t keep their data safe. We’ve known that for 20 years and take your data confidentiality and security extremely seriously. We wouldn’t have a business otherwise.

First, for the core survey, we collect absolutely no information that can identify individuals. All employees use the same link, and the survey includes nothing but the 34 core questions.

Second, we never release individual-level responses to anyone, including you, the employer. If you buy open-ended questions, employees taking the survey will be cautioned to omit personally identifiable information in their open-ended responses and will be notified their open-ended responses will be shared verbatim but anonymously with you. These layers of confidentiality let employees provide completely honest answers.

Third, we never share your company’s individual results with any external party. We’ll only add your anonymized results to our benchmarking database, which includes similar data from hundreds of other organizations, so that we can provide useful comparisons for benchmarking.

Why do you need response minimums?

You need a response rate of at least 50 percent for valid results. For businesses surveying fewer than 10 employees, you need at least 5 completed responses. These minimums protect anonymity and provide a more accurate representation of your company. If you haven’t met the minimum within 30 days, we can extend the survey period. Of course, more data is better, so we encourage you to get as many responses as you can.

What if I have more than 100 employees but only want to survey a segment? Can I use this service?

Yes. As long as the group is 100 or fewer, you can use this survey.

What if I want to run the survey again to see how my scores change?

Excellent idea! It’s good to check again, as your company evolves. We offer a discounted rate for purchasing more at the same time. However, we recommend waiting at least 6 months between each. Don’t worry, your purchases won’t expire in that time.

Who do I contact to ask more questions?

If you have questions, call or email us and we’ll get back to you within two business days. You’ll also get full contact information for the project when you sign up.


What can McBassi do for your business?