HR Strategy Coaching

Dr. Bassi is available for coaching on developing an HR strategy for your business. This involves working with you to identify your current challenges and goals, then creating a practical, well-defined HR strategy for your business. This custom-made strategy is designed to enable your business to achieve key goals while addressing pressing challenges, both in the short and long term.

New Guidance and Perspective on Developing HR Strategy

Many organizations seeking an HR strategy today find that they’ve managed to exist relatively successfully without one in previous years, but that they’ve grown large enough or are encountering significant-enough problems that it’s clear it’s time for a more well-defined strategy.

Other businesses may be increasingly aware that they’re going to need an HR strategy for future success, even if the current needs are not pressing.

You Choose Available Coaching Areas

We can work with you in areas that include the following:

  • Identifying current HR capabilities
  • Identifying strengths and weaknesses on the “people side” of your business
  • Developing a strategy to address key area(s) of weakness
  • Interviewing key stakeholders
  • Assessing the current status of your organization’s reputation as an employer
  • Clearly articulating the goals of your HR strategy
  • Filling key gaps in HR capability
  • How to improve your employee value proposition
  • How to become an employer of choice
  • Improving managerial effectiveness
  • Improving diversity and inclusion
  • Creating a strategic HR Scorecard
  • Bullet-proofing your HR strategy

What can McBassi do for your business?