Last updated November 3, 2022

Privacy Policy for Employee Surveys Conducted by McBassi & Company, LLC (“McBassi”).

Any employee responses to surveys conducted by McBassi (including McBassi People Index surveys, DEI surveys, and other surveys of an organization’s employees) on behalf of employers who are clients of McBassi are subject to the contract and/or non-disclosure agreements signed with the relevant client organization.

Unless otherwise noted in a specific survey itself, McBassi survey contracts and non-disclosure agreements are written to ensure that the anonymity and confidentiality of each employee respondent is fully protected by McBassi.

Individual responses to multiple-choice questions will be seen only by McBassi staff and will not be made available in any way to anyone else in the organization. All McBassi analysis and reports will be based on summaries and average of data collected from groups of respondents, with no results reported for groups smaller than a minimum size.

Occasionally, an employee survey may include one or more open-ended response questions in which verbatim responses are collected with the intention of forwarding them directly to the employer. For those questions, McBassi will include clear language in the survey itself stating that responses to those open-ended questions will be sent to the employer, and the text will also caution the respondent not to include any personally-identifiable information in order to maintain their anonymity.

What about data privacy rights under GDPR? For employee surveys conducted in countries regulated by the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), McBassi does not receive and does not collect data defined as Personal Data under article 4.1 of the GDPR. Any data collected from EU residents through the surveys is insufficient, even in combination, to allow for identification of an individual person.

Please contact us at with any questions about our privacy policy for employee surveys.