Glassdoor Scores Are Important

In recent years, Glassdoor.com, a website where employees can anonymously rate their company as a workplace and post specific comments, has blossomed into a major force in the world of work.  Glassdoor scores are attracting increasing attention from a range of interested parties. Indeed, the Wall Street Journal called it “an important arbiter of employee sentiment in today’s highly competitive job market.”

Not Just the Whiners

Some executives still offhandedly dismiss employees’ Glassdoor scores and ratings (or those on similar website Indeed.com): “Oh, those are just the whiners talking.”

We advise all of our clients to avoid making that mistake.  Despite some hiccups, Glassdoor scores are meaningful, both in terms of what they reflect about a company’s culture and its impact on company performance AND in terms of how they affect decisions by investors or job applicants.

Investors – and Job Applicants – Are Watching

Companies with high Glassdoor scores have consistently outperformed the stock market as a whole.  Check out this example or this one.

So wise investors are already paying attention to Glassdoor rankings – and they want more and more information on how employees view their employers.

The same is true for job applicants.  Glassdoor and Indeed are their first source of information – they’re systematically combing through scores and reviews for your company – and for your competitors.

Bottom Line?

Please be sure to keep an eye on your Glassdoor scores.  If you find they’re lower than your competitors’, it’s time to do some analytic sleuthing to figure out what’s going on and what can be improved – and then start taking action.

Trying to figure out a course of action or concrete next steps?  Feel free to contact us for a free consultation.


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