Very simply, McBassi is an analytics company.  We use data (which can include your existing employee survey data) to help organizations better understand what concrete steps they should take to drive better business results through improved people management.

In an era where business intelligence is an increasingly vital competitive advantage, ignoring the potential of analytics to change your business for the better represents a lost opportunity.

We are seasoned HR analytics experts. It’s what we’ve done for over a decade, using the tools and insights from behavioral economics to help our clients align people and profits.

A flexible, nimble organization, we don’t have excess layers of management and bureaucracy.  We guarantee you’ll work directly with our top experts and analysts, including CEO Laurie Bassi.  The full McBassi team is listed below.

Dr. Laurie Bassi, CEO

Daniel McMurrer, Chief Analyst

Herbert Rubenstein, Chief Strategy Officer

Tony DeLollis, Chief Technology Officer

Lucy Loewen, Project Manager

McBassi: we’ll be your analytics company